We have blasted off into our Space theme this week. We turned ourselves into Astronauts with Soni using aluminum foil and our fine motor skills! It was funny to make our space suits.

We made more paper rockets with Gail this morning. However, we added the letters of our name to our pictures. This was a great way to identify the letters that we do and don’t know as we looked at our peers creations as well.

The Star Wars potato heads continued to be popular. We showed great turn taking skills as we shared the parts. We also continued to enjoy the sensory tray as we filled the planets up with rice. The magnetic tiles were also a part of our space theme as we made rockets and space stations.

Arturo invited us to make a sun for our solar system display. We loved seeing all the bright colours of the paper that really made our Sun come to life!

We engaged in lovely dramatic play as well in the big rocket ship. We were talking about the planets we would like to go visit if we could!

Amanda invited us to do a calming butterfly meditation. We moved through different parts of a butterfly’s life cycle. We ended with showing our butterfly flying away with our hands!

Welcome back to Lachlan! It was great to see you happy and engaged throughout the day!

We hope everyone has a lovely Friday! See you next week!

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