Today, Rosanna extended our interest in space by making rocket ship balloons. We decorated them and loved seeing them hanging up in the room.

Soni invited us to make hand aliens today! We chose our paint colour and then painted our hands. We then made some fun UFOs to send our aliens into space!

We completed some yoga today in the afternoon. We loved doing the cow, cat, and snake positions. We showed how lengthy we can make our stretches and our deep breathing skills. We also liked reading books in the Cubby house, completing an obstacle course, and playing in the sandpit.

In 59, we learnt that we are a part of the Milky Way Galaxy. We were then invited to make our own galaxies. We used water bottles with paint and sprayed them onto black paper. We added glitter to the paper to represent more stars and planets.

We also engaged in some creative play in 59. We liked using the office chair as our suit case and pretended to go on holidays. We also said that the balance beams were motor cycles we were riding. We did some building with the blocks and pretended it was our holiday home!

We would like to welcome Beatrice today, who had her first transition day in Crimson. She was very happy and engaged throughout her day!


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