It’s Thursday today and the children have had another lovely day! Today the weather was fabulous and we spent a lot of time outside exploring!

In the morning the children enjoyed different group times with their educators! We enjoyed reading our favourite books together and singing our favourite songs! We love group time, it’s a great way to encourage listening skills and promote speech and language.

After group time, it’s time for yoga! The children were all very excited to get started and couldn’t wait to set up the mats and take their shoes and socks off! Today we worked on our snappy crocodile and downward dog poses. What a fantastic way to start the day!

Today the children have practiced their fine motor skills by pushing pompoms into little bottles!


We have done a lot of drawing today – on chalk boards and on the easel with crayons!

We always talk about the weather in our group times! Today it’s sunny … so we decorated lovely orange sunshine’s with yellow tissue paper! What fun 😊

Our day in the Emerald room was wonderful today … we read books, built towers and checked in on Marshmallow!

See you tomorrow! 😊

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