The Aqua children were busy today!

They extended on their own interests during self select time by exploring at the fire station. Others were busy dancing to their favourite tunes such as “Baby Shark” and “Hop Little Bunny.” Some were pretending to go on a bear hunt with binoculars!

The children started Learning Centre with two literacy group times. Together with Lisa, they talked about the weather, days of the week, and read some of their favourite stories such as “Superhero Bear.”

Another group of children had story time with Helena. They sang some of their favourite songs with puppets and counted the number of ice cream along with educators.

The Aqua children explored road safety with Nelson.  They discussed about colours on the traffic light and what it means when it is ‘green’ or ‘red’. After that, the children took turn in “crossing the road with a traffic light.”

While some children explored road safety, others participated in creative experiences. Some children explored emotions with Lisa by drawing faces with different emotions. Others printed shapes of leaves with rollers.

The children had a wonderful day in Aqua!

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