Today is Tuesday! We’ve had a terrific Tuesday in the glorious winter weather!

The children started their day with different group times with their educators. Together we read lovely books, sang all the nursery rhymes and even talked about the weather!

Then we had our daily yoga session! The children were very enthusiastic and really enjoyed participating! We love using yoga as a way to engage the children in exercise and gross motor movements! Today we focused on the dog pose and experimented with lifting one leg up to work on our balance! Well done everyone! 😊

Today we got musical in the garden! The children thoroughly enjoyed joining in with a Bonker’s Beat drum circle! Together the children sang songs whilst beating their drums! This is a lovely way to introduce the children to instruments and playing to the beat!

The children love the sand pit, but today we experimented with kinetic sand! It’s so much fun and very different to our normal sand! The children enjoyed playing with the sand with their hands, filling cake tins and making patterns in the sand! What a fun and sensory experience!

We’ve had another lovely day playing with all of our friends! We’ve enjoyed the play dough, car mat and discovering spider webs!

See you tomorrow 😊

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