Starting the morning of the children sat at a table with small vehicles and the red and green traffic lights. Levi, Evan and Isaac sat and listened to Nelson as he said a colour and then the children had to choose whether they go or stop. The children have been learning road safety rules and how we cross the road properly.

Yoga was happening in another area with Alejandra. Charlie and Henry really enjoy participating and each day run to get a spot on the mat. They remove their shoes and sit and do the pose with the teacher.

At group times the children have been reading stories about emotions and how they feel. The children listen well and are starting to sit for at least 30 minutes on the mat. Well done Aqua children.

At learning center time, with Donna the children to learn about staying healthy. Today we read the book about ‘’The Very Hungry Caterpillar’’, the children had to tell Donna which was everyday food or sometime food. then the children had the opportunity to pick some different foods and choose which mat it will go on. After the children had the opportunity to come and draw their own germs on the paper. Lily, Arda, Edward and Evan got very creative and made lots of germs.

With Tima, the children continue to learn their initial of their first name. The children say the sound and the letter. They then stick some confetti onto the letter.

With Lisa the children picked their emotions and then drew the picture of their emotion.

It was a fun Wednesday in Aqua!










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