Today, Lily, Adeline and Shona joined Alejandra to do yoga on the mat. They completed many poses, relaxing their mind and body and getting ready for their day ahead.

Charlie, Levi and Edward had time driving the cars and using the traffic lights to Stop and Go. The children are gaining knowledge on the safe cross code.

In the garden Luca, Leo, Shona and many more children explored the basket ball hoop. They used their fine motor skills and coordination to get the ball in the hoop.

Group times were full of nice stories, with Alejandra the children listened to the story ‘’Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See’’.

With Donna, Hamish shared a story from his home about ‘’Feelings’’. It was a beautiful story and the children really enjoyed it. They were all so engaged and sat listening for at least 15 minutes.

Learning Center time was full of creative experiences.

With Helena the children are making fire men. They used the pieces of the body and placed them where they should go.

With Donna the children are continuing to learn about healthy food and keeping our body strong. Today after the story of the ‘’Hungry Caterpillar’’ the children then drew a caterpillar and healthy food for him to eat.

Tima’s group did the initial of their name.

The children manipulated tools to make many different things out off playdough. They used rollers, cutting shapes and many more objects.

Some of the children are really loving the puzzles, they sat on the mat and used their cognitive skills to put the puzzle together.

Lastly, during afternoon tea today, we celebrated Charlotte’s 3rd birthday.

Happy 3rd Birthday Charlotte!













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