It’s Friday! The end of another lovely week in the Emerald room! The children have had a great time today, playing with their friends and exploring the outdoor environment in this warm weather!

The children enjoyed group time today with their educators. We always read our favourite books and we love to sing lots of nursery rhymes! Group time is always a fantastic way to engage the children in books and it allows them to practice their listening skills as well as enhancing speech and language!

Once again, we couldn’t wait to get our yoga session started! The children love to show off their yoga poses and stretch their bodies high into the sky! Since the beginning of the year, the children have really improved their gross motor movements through our yoga sessions! Well done everyone 🙂

Today the children had a lot of fun working on their fine motor skills! We did this by posting Popsicle sticks through holes and pushing shapes through the correct holes!

We played in the wet sand and built sandcastles and we fed Marshmallow some delicious carrots and cucumbers!

The children loved joining in with the Bonker’s Beat programme and enjoyed the playdough and the home corner!

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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