Today, the children started the morning off exploring the puppets at the table. Isaac, Saige, and Adeline enjoyed putting them on their hand and making sounds like ‘’Quack, Quack”, and roaring like the lion.

Outside the children explored the Jungle animals in the grass. Shona and Elise really enjoyed playing together. They explored all animals on the table but both especially liked the Giraffe. They could name all the animals.

Inside was full of fun with our peers and teachers. In the block area the children built an amazing house with Liza. They spoke to each other as they talked about what they were building and how they could build it. This activity improved fine motor skills as well as hand and eye coordination, as they have to place the block on top of other blocks to create a tower in such a way that it does not topple. This takes lots of patience, perseverance and team work. Well done Aqua group!!

In the kitchen area the children pretended to make morning tea for Nelson, he said he was very full from all the lovely food. Outside the children were washing hands and having morning tea.

At group times we read lots of stories, and then a group of children enjoyed exploring books from Donna’s Treasure Bag on the mat. Providing the children with books helps them get to know sounds, words and language, and develops literacy skills.

In Learning Centre time the children explored numbers with Tima. They matched the amount of pompoms to the number on the paper.

With Liza we continued to talk about our emotions. They found the matching colour teddy and placed it on the right emotion and colour. This is an important topic for the ‘toddler’ age group as their social emotional development is progressing and we learn about different feelings and appropriate ways to regulate and react in challenging situations.

Thank you to Jack for bringing in ‘Jelly’ for the letter of the week. Great job Jack, thanks for sharing!

We enjoyed using the tools later in the evening with the large blocks and made a road for our cars. We used fine motor skills to hammer with the hammer and saw.

What a beautiful, sunny, fun day in Aqua today!

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