Today, we continued on with our space adventures!

We engaged in some dramatic play using Gail’s wooden rocket and astronauts. It was fun to point to which planet we were going to travel to and then act it out!

We also were very excited to see the super large space puzzle today! We showed our great team work skills as we worked towards our final project. We were very proud when we finished.

Filling up the planets with moon dust, building a space station with the magnets, and continuing with our space science experiments were also very popular!

During our Learning Centre with Soni, we were learning about the moon! We made some very creative moon paintings!

In 59, we started learning about the sun! Amanda then invited us to make a 3D sun! We displayed our excellent fine motor skills as we put it together!

During News Time, Hazel read a book, Amariah brought in the book “Super Worm”, Billy shared photos from his trip to the zoo, Mia showed her new special socks, and Rasmus brought in a Swedish comic book!

We also enjoyed our time in the sandpit, playing on the keyboard, and looking at books!

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