We had a great time with Gail today making moon craters! We loved watching the colour explosion as it hit the surface. We continued to play with the star dust and building with the magnets as well!

Soni invited us to make some star pictures today. It was so fun to see the paint transform on the black paper! We also counted the number of stars we were painting.

With Arturo, we made some space pictures using the pastels on the black paper. We also were working on our Astronaut helmets! It’s been fun making these multi-step project over the course of the last few days!

Edward brought in a special space poster today to share with his peers. We loved looking at it! Veronique also brought in a special model she had made of the solar system! It was great to watching the planets move around!

In 59, we continued making suns! We also made a big obstacle course to run through in the yard. It was certainly challenging to our gross motor skills as we moved from task to task!

We also had some special time in the Home Corner, reading books with our friends, and some special “tattoos” on our hands done by Rosanna!

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