Today we started with free exploration. The children got to play in the sand pit with lots of different equipment, whilst others spent some quality time in the music corner. Listening to and creating music helps children learn literacy and emotional skill. It can get them moving, thinking and inspire creativity.

During learning centre time, we loved group time with many different songs and stories. We continued with our project ‘Cows in the Kitchen’ and today we painted cats. We love to feel the paint on our fingers.

With Ekta we got to practice our motor and sensory skills. Mixing up water and corn flour was great fun for all of us. It was beautiful to see children using their all senses and having fun getting messy.

We also practiced our language skills by looking through and exploring different books. The buttons on Cindy’s interactive books read out different objects to us, and we liked to flip through others books by ourselves!

There were many interesting and engaging activities happening today, from dancing, stacking the blocks, yoga, watering the plants to pushing the balls through the holes on the box (posting).

Maya and Anneliese had a great time chasing each other in the yard whilst others decided to make a circle and sing some songs. J

We had so much fun today!

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