Happy Monday everyone! The Aqua explorer started their day with Yoga. They enjoyed performing butterfly, lion and frog moves. Such experience promotes children’s health and wellbeing as well as their gross motor skills.

In one of the literacy group time with Liza, children sang morning songs and enjoyed listening to the story “The Very Brave Bear.” Children were exposed to words “hero, brave, cape and construction.” In the other group time with Helena, the children enjoyed singing with puppets and listening to various stories such as ‘Dirty Bertie’ and ‘Never smile at the Crocodile’. Literacy group time exposes children to different dialects and improves their concentration, language and listening skills.

During learning centre time, the children were exposed to Indigenous art with Saki. Together they looked at a story about indigenous culture; ‘My country’ and were encouraged to do Dot painting with sticks. The Aqua explorers were excited to paint with sticks and different colours! In another learning centre, the children practiced their fine motor skills by cutting and making collage with Alejandra. With Liza, the children practice their cognitive and social skills through a memory game. Outside, the children pretended to go on a bear hunt with Nelson as they pretended to swim in the river, walk through grass, stumbled trip through the forest and run away from bear! The Aqua explorers had so much hunting for bear!



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