We started our morning by with some drawing activities, puzzles and completing some number focused games. By choosing activities that are of interest to us, we show our independence and personal preferences.

It was Marina’s last day, so we surprised her by making a cake! We showed great turn taking skills as we did this. We also made a card for her to remember us by. We will certainly miss Marina!

With Arturo, we used the coloured disks to continue on with our counting project from yesterday. We showed more confidence in being able to add and subtract with our bright coloured pieces!

Sony invited us to make stars to hang in the room! We cut out star shapes and then decorated them with foil! It was so exciting to see our stars hanging up next to our balloon rockets!

In the yard, we set up a Crimson restaurant! We giggled as we served our friends their food. We also enjoyed some painting and making music using the bells!

Gail continued on moon rock paintings. We also love listening to new space books, playing with the wooden rockets, and looking at different pictures of planets!

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