We began learning about Mercury today. With Amanda, we had a chance to talk about it being the smallest planet as well as its size in relation to Earth and our moon. We then sorted them into small, medium, and large. Sony was also teaching us about Mercury. We looked at pictures of Mercury and then made our own Mercury creation.

We worked on our manipulation skills as we made galaxy playdough with Amanda. We loved making black playdough and then added silver, gold, and white stars into it. Our final touches were adding a variety of colours of glitter in!

We also did some work on our shape and number skills. We matched the numbers with how many planets we saw and the corresponding shapes in the rocket.

Arturo brought over a new rocket ship to the yard. We had a blast getting chairs, laying them flat, and pretending we were launching into shape with our helmets on! We also made some space collages!

We enjoyed time in the sandpit, showing our new Aqua friends who are transitioning up around the room and yard, and listening to stories!


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