We had a very busy and exciting day in Crimson!

When we were playing inside, we built a massive city out of the wooden blocks! By working as a team, we had made the biggest creation we had ever seen in Crimson! Nice job everyone! We also enjoyed reading books, listening to stories, and doing some puzzles!

Arturo had us up and moving today! We engaged in some fun gross motor play and pretended to be astronauts. We also were very busy with the little Lego and drawing pictures!

Sony invited us to make some planet paintings! We loved using the brushes to make all these different patterns! Our planets were bursting with colour!

In 59, we extended our understanding of the size of Mercury by drawing a picture of Earth, our moon, and Mercury next to each other! We have shown our ability to translate what we have been learning about to our drawings. The galaxy Playdough was also popular as we added more sparkles and stars to it. We loved using the moving gear toy as well!

We loved moving and grooving with Ms. Cheryl this afternoon!

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