Thursday is here and we’ve had a fantastic day! The children have all enjoyed participating in different activities and exploring the different environments that the Emerald room has!

During our group times, the children welcomed all of their friends to the day, talked about the weather, sang songs and read lots of lovely stories! What a great way to start off their day!

In our yoga session this morning, the children did a fantastic job reaching up high to be tall, tall trees! We stretched our bodies to form many animal poses and the children had so much fun whilst enhancing their physical development.

We’ve really been enjoying NAIDOC themed activities this week! Today the children decorated a kangaroo by dabbing paint onto the paper using cotton buds! We also used our fingers to make marks in the sand and the children enjoyed getting their feet wet to make their own ‘walking track’ with their wet footprints! What lovely way to engage the children in Aboriginal activities and help them to understand different cultures!

The children have had a lovely day drawing with coloured pens, playing with play dough and rolling the cars around!

Thanks for a fun day! See you tomorrow 😊

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