Friday has arrived in the Emerald room and we’ve got that fun Friday feeling! The children have had a lovely day playing together and enjoying the warm weather outside!

This morning, the children participated in different group times with their educators. Together, they read their favourite books, sang lots of songs and had little conversations about the weekend and what they might get up to today!

Our day would definitely include yoga though! The children were eager to get started and asked for the mats so they could sit down and take off their shoes and socks! We practiced our gross motor movements in the form of animal poses and had the best time doing so! Thanks for joining in everyone 😊

We’ve had a lovely relaxing day today! The children enjoyed many activities throughout the day. We had a great time gluing and sticking on the craft table and chopping and rolling the play dough with Jasmine! What fun activities to work on fine motor development!

It’s a fun Friday, so let’s get messy! Today we revisited the corn flour for sensory play. The children loved the sensation of the corn flour in their hands. Everyone was engaged for long periods of time! They even helped clean the mess up afterwards!

Thanks for another lovely week. Have a fantastic weekend 😊

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