Welcome to July, can you believe we are already half way true this year.

The children have being enjoying the July sun. They showed of their large gross motor skills and did some really amazing balancing on the stepping stones. James and Evan shouted ‘’look Donna’’ as they put their arms out and completed the obstacle course by themselves. What amazing confidence they showed.

Outside some of the children also enjoyed the cubby house. They used a blanket to cover the door and window, they laughed as Donna kept peeking in at them.

The sandpit was also a hit as always outside.

Celina really enjoyed the slide and had lots of independence as she went down over and over again. Georgia showed her confidence and climbed to the top of the tree.

Inside the children were so busy. Lily and Charlotte took some time to read a book together. They spoke with each other about the pictures in the book. Also Levi White and Adeline joined in, they enjoyed the teachers books.

We would like to say a big welcome back to Isabelle Kay, we missed you. You are so settled and enjoyed time chatting with your teachers and reading some books.

At learning centre time the children continue to develop their scissor skills. They use fine motor and coordination to make small cuts.

With Liza the children also did some fine motor development. They threaded the boards and were so concentrated in their work.

With Helena the children enjoyed exploring the puppets. They used them to explain how we feel and deal with all our emotions.

Some of the children enjoyed time with the puzzles. They love these small puzzles and are enjoying making them. Their cognitive skills shine as they remember were the pieces go.


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