Happy Thursday Aqua Families. We have had a wonderful day exploring lots of areas within the classroom.

Jake really enjoyed his day, he explored many areas, he especially enjoyed the sand area, he used the long pipe to place sand in it and watched it travel to the other end.

The sandpit was a big hit as always, the children love to manipulated the tools. They used their fine motor and coordination skills to scoop and pour. Charlotte, Edward and Isabelle made a cake. Isabella also had some solitaire play, making cakes in the sand. Evelyn also enjoyed the pipe in the pit, she watched the sand travel down to the other end. Evelyn really enjoys the balancing stones also and is often found here walking around it.

In the outside area there was lots happening, the children enjoyed threading, exploring the bugs, playing with many toys.

Inside we had our very own library, the children enjoyed time in the reading corner with many books. They where so engrossed in their own learning, it was nice to see so many of them together.

At group time Donna spoke to the children all about NAIDOC week. They listened to a story about the echidna and then explored the mats with the signs on them. The children then had the opportunity to come and make some of the writing signs on paper. The children really enjoyed the activity.

With Liza some of the children spoke about lights and fire. How never to touch fire as it is hot.

We had a fun filled day and the children were all so engaged.

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