Evelyn, Isla, Henry and Poppy joined Alejandra on the mat for yoga this morning. Our new friends are really enjoying all the yoga poses and take direction well and completed the poses asked of them.

Inside Adeline, Charlotte and Lily asked Donna for her puzzles, they really enjoy making these puzzles and show how much their cognitive skills are developing as they now remember how to complete most of them without the aid of the teacher.

Outside is always full of fun activities and the children love exploring this area. Leonardo and Isaac enjoyed playing with fire trucks and the farm animals. The sand pit was a hit as always and the children  also enjoyed playing on the slide and obstacle course.

There was so much excitement today, as Liza and the children found a centipede in the garden. Liza spoke to the children about him as the children thought he was a caterpillar. She talked about his many legs and how a caterpillar has more hair.

The children enjoyed Dancing on the mat and exploring musical instruments. They had lots of sport with Liza.

Learning centre time was full of activities on different topics. As one of the children showed interest in torches and shadows, Liza then expanded on his interest and taught the children about shadows and how they happen. As you can see from the pictures it was a big hit with the Aqua group today. They made rabbits with their fingers and many other shapes on our wall.

With Donna, the children continue learning about NAIDOC. Today we made some awesome mats with paint and marbles. The children enjoyed the experience. Isla really enjoyed looking at the symbol mats, she sat for at least 20 minutes just moving and placing them were she wanted.

With Nelson the children were identifying the shape and finding it on the picture. They then were asked to name the colour.

Alejandra’s group did some cutting with the scissors and are getting so good at controlling them.

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