Welcome to another week in July everyone! The Aqua children started their beautiful day with Yoga and self-select activities. They enjoyed stretching, performing various yoga poses as well as relaxing their bodies! Other children enjoyed pretend play at the home corner, Charles and Henry pretended to have breakfast at the table and had tea together.

Just before learning centres, the children participated literacy group times to facilitate their language, cognitive and social skills. The children requested for some of their favourite stories such as ‘I’m not scare’ and ‘cows in the kitchen’ during Helena’s story group time. In Lisa’s group time the children were encouraged to count various animals and listened to their favourite story ‘Superhero Bear’.

During learning centre time, the children were invited to participate various experiences. With Alejandra, the children practice their mathematic skills by counting the number of apples in the trees. They were encouraged to say the number of apples on the tree. To continue with children’s interest in Winter, they were invited to make snow with Bicarbonate soda and water. The Aqua children enjoyed exploring with the texture of the mixture and attempted to build a snowman with it. While some children were busy exploring with snow, other children explored light and shadow with Lisa inside. The children enjoyed shining the torch on the wall and looking at different shadows.

The children had such a busy day today!

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