Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room!

Today the children have had a wonderful time engaging in different group times with their educators! Together we talked about our weekend activities, read stories and sang songs! We love starting off our day this way 🙂

The children were eager to start our yoga session this morning. We started with some big jumping movements to warm up our bodies and exercise our gross motor skills! The children enjoy making funny animal poses too. These poses help with the children’s coordination and balance. Today we focused on a butterfly pose!

The children love to read and sing along to ‘Cows in the kitchen’! In this book there are ducks in the dishes, so today we decorated some lovely ducks … quack, quack! The children used their fine motor skills to move a paintbrush around their paper to paint their ducks!

Outside the children had so much fun playing with the coloured bean bags! These are so much fun, we can talk about the different colours, throw them and balance them on our heads!

Today the children have been learning about circles! They used a big cup and a small cup to stamp big and small circles onto their paper! This was so much fun for fine motor skills and shape recognition! 🙂

What a lovely start to the week we’ve had!


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