The Aqua explorer started this beautiful day with some construction experiences. Some of the children enjoyed building castles with wooden blocks while others explored vehicle construction with mobile. Experiences such as these enhance children’s cognitive, social and fine motor skills.

The children started group time by revisiting days of the week and singing the hello song in different languages. After that, the children enjoyed some of their favourite stories such as ‘super hero bear’ and ‘cuddle bear’. Experiences such as theses extend on children’s language and cognitive skills.

During learning centre time, the Aqua explorers participated in a variety of experiences. The Aqua explorers continued to explore the effect of light with Liza. Today they explored lights and different colour window block with Liza. The explorers were excited to see different colours and their shadows on the wall! With Helena, the explorers continued to make snow as well as helping Helena in the play dough making experience. They couldn’t wait to explore the ingredients with all their senses. Outside in the yard, the children were invited to wash dolls as part of their interest. The children were busy cleaning the dolls with washer and soap! Also during outdoor play today, the explorers facilitated their social and language skill by playing ‘ringo ringo rosie.’ They loved singing and following the actions of the song.
The Aqua explorer had so much fun today!



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