Sony, Gail and Shoko were excited to teach the children about Tanabata today! We made wishes on the paper and hung them on the tree with Sony. Shoko taught us some beautiful songs about Tanabata. Gail set up some Japanese food for dramatic play, and we drew stars from the story surrounding Tanabata. It is so lovely to learn about this cultural celebration held in Japan!

Amanda continued to teach us about the Earth in 59. Today, we learnt about the Earth’s different layers. We then drew a picture of the Earth or its layers! We also enjoyed continuing to make Earth out of green and blue playdough, as well as being in the campsite set up in the front of 59!

Gail also invited us to make planet drawings using toothbrushes! It was so much fun to paint with this new technique!

During News Time, Hazel shared a very special pencil case, Billy shared a feather he had found, and Freya shared her picture she had drawn of her family!

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