Happy Tuesday everyone! The children have had another lovely day exploring the Emerald room and participating in lots of different activities!

This morning the children enjoyed sitting down and joining in with group time. We read stories and talked about what fun we might get up to today! Group time offers many benefits, as it encourages speech, language and communication.

We’ve had another successful yoga session today! The children love to get involved and show off what they have learnt so far this year! Today we worked on our star pose and stretched our bodies to encourage gross motor movement and physical development!

This week, we are looking at circles! Today the children decorated a circle with red tissue paper to make the red colour for our traffic lights. Red means stop!

We practiced our fine motor skills by threading rope through toilet rolls and we practiced our gross motor skills by playing with the rainbow parachute!

Today the children have had so much fun drawing pictures, solving puzzles and dancing together! What a terrific Tuesday! 🙂

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