We continued with our Tanabata celebrations with Gail and Shoko. We learnt some new songs, wore some costumes, and did a dance for our peers!  We also continued adding new wishes to our Tree.

Rosanna and Julio had us very engaged in “Stuck in the Mud” in the yard. We enjoyed being able to stretch our legs and get moving after the rain passed.

Amanda began teaching us about Mars. We learnt about the red dust that is blown around on the surface. To mimic this, we dipped marbles into different colours of paint and rolled them around our Mars! We loved seeing how fast we could make our “dust” blow!

We also were making some planet water colour pictures with Gail. We use crayons to draw designs then added the water colours to make them stand out.

Sony invited us to do some balloon planet painting! We enjoyed the different texture in the new painting style.

We also really enjoyed being in the sandpit, building with the Connectors, and engaging in dramatic play at the Japanese food table.


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