We are half way through the week in the Emerald room! The children are having such a lovely week with their educators and peers!

Today the children settled in for group time, where they read their favourite books and sang lots of nursery rhymes. The children love to sit down together and have a little chat about what they’re going to do today and what the weather is like!

Our yoga session this morning was so much fun! Everyone joined in with so much enthusiasm and showed off their fantastic listening skills and animal poses! We love yoga in the Emerald room. It’s always such a fun way to introduce the children to different forms of exercise and encourage physical development, balance and coordination!

Corn flour is quickly becoming a favourite in Emerald! It’s just so much fun to play with! What a great sensory experience that allows the children to question and problem solve in a hands-on way!

Continuing our learning journey with shapes – this week we are learning about circles – the children had a lot of fun colouring in their circles green … because green means go!

The children have had a lovely day exploring their environments, digging in the sand and using their fine motor skills to push lolly sticks through small holes in the formula tins! Thanks for a great day 🙂

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