It’s Thursday! It’s been another sunny winter’s day today and the children have enjoyed being outside!

Today the children were engaged in wonderful group times with their educators! Together they read their favourite stories, sang lots of songs and even played ‘Ring a Ring o’ Roses’ too, which the children love so much! We have fun holding hands and making a big circle and then falling down on our bottoms!

Another successful yoga session this morning! The children always do a fantastic job and have the best time showing off their poses to their friends and teachers! Yoga is a fantastic way to engage the children in exercise and encourage physical development whilst having a great time! Today we worked on our downward dogs!

We’ve got a new ball pit for our babies! It’s so much fun and very sensory!

Today the children continued to decorate circles for our traffic lights! The children had so much fun using their fine motor skills to paint the orange light!

The children have had a lovely day playing with their horses, drawing on the chalk boards and giving each other cuddles!

Thanks for a lovely day! 🙂

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