With Sony, we had a lovely time making shooting stars. We cut out star shapes, pasted them onto black paper, decorated them with chalk and glitter. We all made a wish on shooting star! We also loved how they twinkled due to the glitter.

In 59, we had some fun with the marble paintings again. We used the marbles with our fingers and combined it to be a bit of finger painting! It was a great sensory painting activity. We also had a some recycled craft creations. We used bits of paper and other resources and made some solar systems!

Gail invited us to do a sequencing planet project. We looked at the pictures of the planets and tried to put them into the right order. We did a really great job.

We had some fun building today as well. We made a super long Mobilo creation, as well as making a train out of the wooden blocks.

As always, we have loved listening to Tima’s group times as we sing songs, act out stories, and read books.

We hope you have a lovely weekend! See you next week!

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