Happy Monday! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room 🙂

Today the children had a lovely morning participating in group time and activities with their educators! During our group time the children have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation, as well as read books together and sing lots of songs! What a lovely start to the morning.

Let’s kick off the week with yoga! The children were excited to get stuck in and warm up their bodies! We started with big gross motor movements, jumping and stretching up high to build our muscles up! Today we focused on our tree poses and shaking our leaves! What a fun way to get our bodies moving and enhance physical development, balance and coordination.

On of our favourite books at the moment is ‘Cows in the Kitchen’ and over time the children have been decorating all of the different animals and today we painted pigs with our fingers! The children had fun feeling the paint with their hands and saying “oink, oink” as they did it!

We’ve had so much fun painting with the cars today! The children dipped the cars into the paint and enjoyed rolling the cars over the paper!

What a lovely start to the week! We’ve made muffins in the sand pit, played on the equipment outside and overall had a fantastic day! 🙂

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