14.07.2020 Daily Diary

Rain rain go away, come again another day. The Aqua children started this rainy day with dancing. They danced to some of their favourite songs such as ‘baby shark’, wiggles as well as ‘hop little bunny’ with Liza. They had so much fun hopping, waving their arms and performed actions to songs and this experience promotes children’s physical skills.

The children started their group time with bonker’s beat. They turn take with the drums and performed the actions to the song. The Aqua children had so much fun playing on the Bonker’s drum whilst singing ‘Beat, beat Bonker’s beat’. In doing so, the children facilitated their cognitive, language and social skills. During story time today, one group revisited days of the week song and read some of their favourite stories. With Helena, the children sang some of their favourite songs with puppets and enjoyed pretend play.

During learning centre time, the children requested puzzles. They practiced their problem-solving skills with the puzzle pieces and persisted through the process. Meanwhile, others continued to explore the notion of light and shadow with Liza. With Mohini, the children explored the effect of water and colour by mixing paint and water together. Lastly with Helena, the children practiced their dance move to the Bonker’s beat song ‘jungle walk’.

The children had so much fun playing indoor today!

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