Today, we were excited to do some painting in 59 with Rosanna. We pretended that we were making a night time snow picture. We loved seeing how the white paint popped on the black paper and telling Rosanna what we had imagined.

We continued sorting with Tima. We have enjoyed using the tongs to move the animals back and forth from the plates to the corresponding coloured paper. We were also engaging in social play as we talked about the animals we were seeing and which ones we like best.

We had triplets with our matching rain jackets with Matilda, Hazel, and Veronique. We also had twins with Billy and Maksym.

We also enjoyed our star painting using the cookie cutters in the paint. We worked on our numeracy skills as we counted all the stars we had made.

We had a great time at dance with Cheryl as well. We worked on our balancing skills as we used the bean bags on our heads!

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