We arrived to a very fun set up in the sandpit today! We used the waffle blocks as stepping stones and hopped from each one. Later on, we used them to build with. It was wonderful to see the children use them these toys with such versatility.

In 59, we began learning about Jupiter! We talked about it being the biggest planet, that is mostly a gaseous planet, and it has at least 62 moons! We then were invited to draw a favourite thing we had learnt about Jupiter. We also enjoyed using the bowling set in the yard. We showed great turn taking skills.

We also showed wonderful turn taking skills when we used the pipes from yesterday (that had been in the sandpit) as a large tennis ball run! It was fun to change the angles of the pipes to see how fast or far the tennis balls would roll.

We did some planet paintings today, using shaving cream mixed in with food colouring. It gave the planets such an interesting texture. We also enjoyed looking at the Space books!

We hope you have a lovely weekend, see you next week!


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