Happy Friday to our Aqua families. The children have been very busy today exploring many activities, both inside and out.

Some of the children have displayed interest in being the Doctor. So today again we set up a Doctor surgery outside, lots of the children were so engaged in this play. They used syringes to give the dolls medicine and also to give their Flu shot. They even gave the teacher their flu shots. It was so nice to see so many children engaged in this play.

Inside some of the children decided they would be in a band and they explored the musical instruments.

Alice really enjoyed the small puzzle today. We loved her little smile she had on her face as she picked up each animal and named them. Very Clever Alice!! Well Done!!

At the play dough table the children used knifes to cut and their hands to roll the dough.  play dough helps us develop our fine motor skills, calm children, enhances hand-eye coordination and improve social skills, these are only some of the benefits.

At group time, Isla brought a Monkey to share with her peers. and Adeline shared her Doctor Maisy book again for the letter of the week.

Learning Centre time we got creative with Helena, they painted using the colours yellow and orange to make their Lions. Lisa made another wonderful lava lamp as the children were so interested yesterday.

With Donna the children have been concentrating on cutting skills. Some of the children are starting to be able to hold their scissors correctly and make small and large slits in the page. Well done to everyone, cutting is quiet difficult skill to master.

Aqua teachers wish all our Aqua families a very fun filled weekend, we will see you all Monday.


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