Today we started our day with Yoga where children did some stretching and relaxing their bodies followed by  group time. We sang morning songs and stories. We read the story “Rumble in the Jungle” as it is our new jungle project. Children were introduced about the jungle animals from the story. The group time allows children to develop the sense of belonging in the environment.

In the learning center, children were invited to make the Lion “The King of the Jungle” using paint. The activity allows children to extend their knowledge about the jungle and the jungle animals. Furthermore, it enhances their creativity and fine motor skills.

Similarly, some children were acknowledged about the starting letter of their names. Later they were encouraged to paint their first letter. This allows children to flourish their literacy and the recognition of their names/ first letter of the names.

As an extension of light project, children were given opportunities to experience darkness with the help of blindfolds. They were made aware that, we can identify things even in darkness by feeling them. Hence, children were prompted to feel and guess the provided objects blindfolded. This interpretation of their sense into words develops their language skills.

As the self selected activities, children got engaged in manipulating Legos and build their own creation whilst Isabella and Levi E. Enjoyed taking care of the babies. Similarly, Harvey had fun filling up the pipe till the top with sand. These activities help children to develop the bonds with their peers facilitating their social skills. And their choices reflects their self identities.

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