It’s Tuesday! We’ve had a lovely day full of fun activities 🙂

The children have enjoyed many group times throughout the day where they have joined in with stories, songs and games with their educators and friends. Together we talk about our day, the weather and lots of other things! The children really enjoy group time and the meaningful conversations and social interactions they have!

Our morning consisted of a fun yoga session in the sun where we exercised our gross motor skills and practiced our animal poses!

We had a great time playing with the shaving foam! This fun and sensory experience allowed the children to explore the foam with their hands and used their fingers to draw shapes and marks in the tray!

The children have got a new ladybird bike and they’ve been enjoying it thoroughly! Today the children painted their own ladybird with paint and paintbrushes! They look fantastic and we all had a great time making them whilst working on our fine motor skills!

Today has been so much fun! We’ve enjoyed drawing on chalk boards, watering the plants and meeting the guinea pig from Crimson – Pip!

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