The month is going past us very quickly already we are almost at the end of July. Happy Wednesday to all our Aqua families. Today the children started the morning with some yoga. They now are just so amazing at completing the poses they hardly take direction from Alejandra, they see the letter and know what to do. Well done Aqua children!!

This morning Evan, Saige and Charlotte offered to prepare some brekkie for Donna in the kitchen area. She was a very lucky teacher as the children made, Toast and coffee for her. The children are experimenting all the time when engaged in pretend play. They learn new words, how to negotiate with each other and this is how they transfer knowledge from one situation to the next.

Lots of exploring happening in the environment. Emily enjoyed playing with the farm animals, while Lily, Adeline and Charlotte did the 16 piece puzzles. They 3 ladies are so good now at completing the puzzles they don’t need help from Donna.

Outside the children cooked in the sandpit for the teacher and at the bottom of the garden in the cube there was a kitchen set up for the children. They loved exploring here and made yummy dinner for each other. it is so nice to see so many children engaged together in their play.

Learning centre time, the children used fine motor skills to complete the first letter of their name. they traced the letter with their finger and made the sound for Alejandra.

With Donna the children have being learning how to use the scissors. The open and closing motion of cutting with scissors helps children develop small muscles in their hands otherwise known as fine motor skills. These muscles are crucial for holding a pencil or crayons, gripping and manipulating objects. Some of the children are controlling the scissors well and some are starting to learn how to hold it properly first, while some are making small slits already. Well done Aqua children.

With Nelson the children completed their obstacle course. They are using their large muscles in their legs to jump.

It has being a fun filled and busy day at Aqua.

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