We continued learning about Jupiter today with Amanda. We were amazed to learn that the big red spot is a storm that is three times the size of Earth! We made Jupiter next using coloured pencils and used glitter for the big spot.

We continued to make Matariki stars with Gail and Shoko. We were talking with our peers about the stories we have been learning about as we created our projects!

With Sony, we made some lovely oil planet paintings. We looked at pictures of the different planets and was amazed at how the paint and the oil stayed separate on the paper.

Construction has continued to be a strong theme. We used the magnets to build homes while we looked at real pictures of homes!

Tima has continued to challenge us with creating using a variety of different mediums such as the tubes, sandpit blocks, and using the dinosaurs! We have loved looking at the blue prints from the architects.

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