We continued learning about constellations with Sony today. We cut out different star shapes and pasted them together. We then drew a picture with lines connecting our stars together and talked about the picture we had made.

We loved making little homes using the magnetic tiles and the little furniture that Gail brought in. We used the little people to engage in imaginative play in our little homes.

Shoko invited us to create our names using letter bubbles. It was fun to use this new medium as we showed our awareness of letters and fine motor skills.

The construction set in the rice tray was a huge hit! We were talking about all the different types of vehicles we have been seeing in our car park as we played!

There was a lot of dramatic play going on in 59. We used the blocks to build a nest and used the balls to pretend they were chicken eggs. Some of us pretended to be dogs to keep the chickens safe. We also really enjoyed doing Meditation, making more Jupiters, and using the oil pastels to create our drawings.

We have been enjoying making a castle with Arturo. It has been a lot of fun learning how to use some of the tools, painting, and seeing our hard work come to life.

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