It’s Friday! Happy Friday 😊 What a lovely week we’ve had and today has been the icing on the cake …

This morning the children enjoyed group time with their teachers! We play games, sang songs and of course we read our favourite books! We start every day with a group time and continue to participate in various group activities and group times throughout the day!

The children had a great time playing with the cars on the road we made today! They pushed the cars along the floor to each other and it was so much fun!

We’ve been feeling a bit cold today! So we painted some lovely beanies with paintbrushes and pink and purple paint! They look fantastic but they probably won’t do a great job at keeping us warm!!

Friday has been so busy and the day has flown by! The children enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor environments, digging in the sand, building towers with the blocks and popping lots of bubbles!

We would like to wish Nicholas a Happy 2nd Birthday! Today Nicholas shared cupcakes with his friends and we all sang Happy Birthday! 😊

Have a lovely weekend, see you next week!

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