Welcome to another week, the last one in July! For a rainy Monday like today, our children have been very busy exploring many activities inside our room.

Some children really enjoyed playing with the puzzles and the sense of accomplishment and pride they share with us when they finish is wonderful. They did really well assembling the puzzles back together and helping each other.

Another group of children decided to go to the moon on our space rocket mobile.

At the playdough table, the children used shells to decorate what they made with the dough. Leonardo, for instance, put a shell hat on his playdough man. Play dough helps us develop our fine motor skills, is calming, enhances hand-eye coordination and improves social skills, amongst many other benefits.

At group time, we had a special treat from Harvey! He brought us a book about animals and we all had fun reading it together. Thank you, Harvey.

During our Learning Centre time in the morning, we practiced learning to recognise the first letter of our names and then finger painted them.

Aqua teachers wish all our Aqua families a very fun filled week.

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