Another rainy morning today meant the children were playing inside. The teachers set up lots of different interest areas for the children to explore.

Harvey’s favourite thing in the world is dinosaurs! He brought a book to school each day and shared it with his teachers and peers. He can almost name all of the dinosaurs! So, today Donna set up a Dino world for him to enjoy. He was so engaged and enjoyed this area.

Also on the mat, with the large blocks we set up an area for the children to drive their vehicles.  Leo was so excited to explore this area when he came and so was his Dad, Will who joined him on the mat for a while. We love to see our parents so involved. Thanks Will for spending some time with us. A lot of the children were eager to join in. Isaac, Henry, Edward, Oscar and Lily enjoyed this area. The children pushed the cars around the track, down the ramps and under the bridges.

It was nice to see Isabelle and Evelyn playing alongside each other, this showed some lovely signs of friendship building.

Isla, Saige, Elise and Georgia love being together and today they enjoyed some stories on the couch.

The train track was a hit with some of the boys in the group also.

At group time the children used listening skills and listened to Liza and Nelsons stories. They also listened to Isabelle tell a story about the picture she brought to share. She told her peers all about the big fish she caught with her Dad, she used a fishing rod and wore a “life jacket to be safe” she told her peers. Thank you for sharing your news with us.

Learning Centre time was full of fun activities. With Nelson the children did some gross motor, they stretched their bodies, reaching for stars in the sky.

Donna’s group decided to paint some umbrellas and gum boots to represent the rainy day and learn about the weather. They also did some sensory play with rice. They scooped and poured it into cups. Jake and Alice especially loved this experience and it’s a lovely way to develop early science and maths concepts such as full and empty/ less and more.

Some of the younger children used their fine motor skills to rip the newspaper and explore the scissors.

Playdough was a hit, the children made “Birthday cakes” as they used the paddlepop sticks with the dough today. Its great to see cognitive development as they transfer and adapt what the know from the world.

Outside the children enjoyed a game with Nelson, he gave them all paint brushes and they enjoyed mark making on the wet table with them.

What a fun rainy day we had at Aqua today!!


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