Monday is here! Welcome back to another week in the Emerald room!

Today we’ve had a bit of a rainy day! The children have enjoyed their time underneath the sheltered areas outside and spent time indoors participating in many activities!

Our morning started with group time! We read a lot of books together, played games and sang songs! Of course we had a lot to talk about with the weather – and we loved singing “Rain, rain, go away!”

During our yoga session this morning, the children focused on their tree poses – they made themselves tall and strong like a tree! We love yoga 😊 it’s wonderful for our physical development, balance and coordination!

Today the children had so much fun throwing balls at the different animals on the board – rabbit, monkey, elephant and chicken! We worked on our gross motor skills by throwing and our animal recognition and language by talking about the different animals!

Our construction project is well underway with the children painting some beautiful yellow diggers! We love to play with the diggers in the sand and it was so much fun watching the diggers dig up the carpark!

What a lovely way to start the week – the children have had a fabulous day reading books, playing with shakers and ‘eating’ in the home corner!

Today we celebrated Dhyan’s 2nd Birthday! For our afternoon tea, we sang happy birthday to Dhyan, watched him blow out his candle and shared some delicious cupcakes 😊

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