Tuesday is here! It’s been another wet and rainy day, but we’ve certainly made the most of it!

The children enjoyed group time with MeiTing, Ekta and Cindy! Everyone’s group time is so different and the children love to participate in different group times lead by different educators on the days they attend!

We love yoga! And today the children had so much fun getting their bodies ready for the day ahead! We did lots of jumping and stretching to promote gross motor movements and we love to show off our animal poses to our friends and teachers each day 😊

The children had a great time making use of those warmed up bodies by throwing coloured balls into a basket and ping-pong balls into the box! We had so much fun and the children really enjoyed working on their throwing skills!

Today the children got creative with the pens and decorated tractors! We also saw a big truck that was delivering our food to the centre … so we decided to paint one! Today the children have really worked on their fine motor skills with all of these arts and crafts!

What a terrific Tuesday we’ve had! The children have enjoyed playing in the sand pit, with play dough and in the home corner!

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