In 59, we began learning about Uranus today! We immediately recognised that it looked different from the other planets with how it rotates! We made some blue playdough to replicate the planet and then added a blue ring around it. We made a Saturn again and showed how the rotation of Uranus is truly unique!

For School Readiness in 59, we continued focusing on the letter A’s phonetic sound. We listened to a few books and had to really listen for words that started with A. We were certainly up for the challenge and were excited to point out how many words start with A!

With Arturo, we were really excited to start painting our castle. It was wonderful to see such great team work. Arturo has also been working on School Readiness in the Crimson room. Today, we focused on numbers and putting them in the right sequence.

We continued working on our space pictures today with Gail. We have added so much more detail to our creations.

Painting with Tima was very popular today! We loved using the blues, greens, and white to make some beautiful scenery pictures.

We also did a great job during our Fire Drill today! We listened for our names being called and talked about how we would be safe if there was ever a real fire.

The dinosaurs, sandpit, and building with the blocks and in the sand tray were also very popular.

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