Uranus was the planet Amanda and Sony focused on today. We continued learning about the different rotation it has relative to the other planets! Sony invited us to paint a Uranus and then add a pipe cleaner to it to represent its ring. Amanda invited us to cut and decorate a Uranus as we looked at a picture of it. We then made a ring out using the glitter.

Gail invited us to chose a planet and imagine what it would like through a telescope! We also looked at how to write the different names of the planets and had the chance to try and print the names.

In 59, we had a great time playing miniature golf. We took turns as we tried to hit the ball into the different cut out shapes. The ring toss was also set up, which helped work on our hand eye coordination! We also set up a marble run inside that had our marbles all over the room!

We were busy on the deck as well! We loved painting with water colours. We also used the wooden blocks to make some fun race tracks.

The music corner was popular today, as was the sandpit!


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