Happy Friday!

We showed our creative side as we started our morning with building. We were particularly interested in building with the Mobilo. Lachlan made a zoo using several different components!

Sony invited us to make planet paintings using shaving cream and food colouring. We loved the marbled look that we saw once we lifted the paper off the cream! It was also so fun to play with this texture!

We have spent a lot of time in the sandpit today! We put a roadway for the cars and took turns driving them around.

With Gail and Tima, we engaged in a variety of literary texts. After listening to the stories, we drew our favourite part or character. This is a great way for us to extend on our own interests from a particular book.

The gears were popular in 59 today! We took turns building and rebuilding unique setups. We also continued to enjoy the blue Playdough and pipe cleaners, turning them into planets.

Our Crimson Café was very popular today! We loved pointing out the different food items on the menu to our chefs who would bring us our orders. It was so fun to see our dramatic play develop!

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