Happy Monday everyone! And it is the first week of August already!! On this beautiful day, the Aqua explorer started their day with various activities. Some enjoyed relaxing yoga while others chose to participate in self-select activities such as animal pretend play, construction with different type of blocks as well as sandpit play.

Just before learning centre, the children were invited to group times with Helena and Nelson. During Helena’s literacy group time, the children read some of their favourite stories such as ‘Dirty Bertie’, ‘I’m not scare’ as well as ‘Never smile at a crocodile’. The Aqua children were encouraged to identify characters from stories and count different animals from the story ‘Cows in the kitchen’.  With Nelson, the children read different stories and review days of the week by singing ‘days of the week’ song. Such group experiences provided opportunities for children to extend their cognitive and language skills.

The Aqua explorers were then invited to different learning centre activities. They enjoyed various creative experiences such as colour pasting with Alejandra and painting snakes for the Jungle. While some children were busy with creative tasks, others were busy practicing their physical skills by crawling like spider and strengthening their leg muscles through kicking ball. The Aqua explorers were excited to make playdough with educators. They explored all the ingredients used in playdough making and were such great helpers throughout the playdough making process.

The children also celebrated Edward’s birthday!

Happy 3rd Birthday Edward!

The Aqua explorers had such a busy day today!

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