Happy Friday Aqua friends! I can not believe it is the end of another month already, time really does go quickly when your having fun and our Aqua friends surely are having lots of fun today.

Charlotte brough a stethoscope to school this morning and herself, Adeline and Isla enjoyed time in the together being doctors and checking the baby dolls heart; Charlotte did some amazing sharing.

It is lovely to see the children interacting with the teachers, Poppy and Luicana build a big house together for her favourite teddys, elephant and sheep.

Outside Liza, Isla, Isaac and Evelyn enjoyed time together making flowers with the sticky blocks.  Lily and Caroline made puzzles together. I could hear s0 much laughter coming from all areas this morning.

It was a busy sand pit area, Leonardo, Luca, Poppy and Isaac played side by side scooping, pouring and making many different things with the sand.

At group time Jack brought an Octopus to share for the letter of the week, Lily brought  something orange. The children’s cognitive development is growing daily, it was amazing to hear Isaac sing the seven day’s of the week and try make 7 with his fingers.

Learning Centre time was so special today because with Nelson the children had an experience were they helped fix Leonardo’s scooter as it broke while they were away on holiday last week. After it was fixed Leonardo did some amazing sharing and aloud everyone have a spin on it, he even helped Alexia stay safe, by putting her helmet on.

Donna’s group listened to the story off the ‘’Very Hungry Caterpillar’’ then got creative and made their own with leaves from a nature walk we had in Crimson and googly eyes. Evelyn laughed as she stuck the big eyes on.

Outside, with Liza the children brought marshmallow the guinea pig from Emerald and helped feed him some carrots. The children were so observant as they spoke about the way his mouth moved as he chewed.

Beatrice, Alice and Jack enjoyed some sensory play with the rice. Scooping and pouring will help develop understanding of full and  empty, and help develop coordination skills.

It was a fun filled day in Aqua today!! We would like to wish Edward a big Happy 3rd Birthday for tomorrow. Have a wonderful day Edward.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and please stay safe.


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